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Promoting justice and peace for the most vulnerable

Welcome to the Canadian Augustinian Centre for Social Justice

The Canadian Augustinian Centre for Social Justice will work to break the silence surrounding the poor. Our goal is to help people recognize the social, political and economic conditions surrounding them and take action against these oppressive elements.

This is accomplished by offering educational workshops/seminars for service providers.

We will work to form linkages, networks and partnerships among service providers so they can be effective in building a foundation of community support.

“It would be better no one be hungry, and this necessity did not exist”. St. Augustine

Current Highlights

Canadian Augustinian Centre for Social Justice – Brian Dwyer meets with the Order in Rome

In August 2013, the Director of the Canadian Augustinian Centre for Social Justice, Brian Dwyer and his wife Lisa, met Fr. Alejandro Moral Anton and other Friars at the headquarters in Rome. Brian and his wife were visiting Rome and stopped by for brief visit and take a tour.

Please visit the website of the Order of St. Augustinian in Rome - here

The topics of discussion were wide-ranging and provided all parties with a greater understanding and appreciation of each other’s role and mission. Brian described the work of the Canadian Centre. This included the work to establish the “Catholic Refugee Sponsor’s Council”. Some of the goals of the Council include: Serving as a resource centre for those seeking information, referrals, contacts or research on sponsorship, establishing a central point of reference for both the Canadian Catholic Bishops Conference (CCCB) and the Federal Government, and advocating for refugees by defining and bringing forth issues, concerns and problems to the Federal Government and proactively putting forth policy and process recommendations.

The Augustinian presence in various social justice endeavours was also discussed. For example, the connection with the Canadian Religious Conference (CRC). This group of Religious in Ontario meet annually to provide support to one another, share information and resources and collaborate on local, provincial and national initiatives. One such initiative is the treatment of indigenous people by the Canadian Government – the “Idle no More” movement.

The Order is present and involved with “Becoming Neighbours”, a non-profit agency that helps to settle newcomers to Canada. They provide prayer partners, summer camp for children, clothing drives and many other supports.

In addition, Fr. Anton described the role, mission and activities of the Order in Rome. Fr. Anton also provided a tour of the chapel and the other parts of the building.

This visit occurred just a few days prior to the General Chapter of the Order. Therefore, many Friars were arriving or had arrived from all parts of the world to participate in this most important event. Brian and Lisa were introduced to Friars from Spain, Peru and many other locations and they shared information about the work of the Order in various parts of the world.

Fr. Anton was pleased with the vision and activities of the Canadian Centre and offered support for its continuing good work.

A few days after the visit by the Canadian delegation (August 28) Pope Francis opened the General Chapter with Mass at the St. Augustine Basilica in Rome. At this Chapter Fr. Alejandro Moral Anton was elected Prior General of the Order.

You can see and hear a brief interview with the outgoing Prior General Fr. Robert Prevost O.S.A. here

There is a gallery of photos of the visit by the Canadian delegation here

You can see the Pope arriving at the St. Augustine Basilica in Rome here

Here is a picture of Fr. Alejandro Moral Anton O.S.A. Prior General of the Order.


“Peace is an active way of living, seeking to resolve conflicts cooperatively, respecting the wellbeing of the earth and all peoples”. This is the description of peace that is presented by “PeaceQuest”. This group has been recently formed and is hoping to stimulate a nation-wide conversation about peace and our country’s role in peacemaking, reconciliation and social justice as we approach the 100th anniversary of the War to End All Wars and Canada’s 150th year as a nation. It is their hope that these concerns will animate people across Canada to undertake PeaceQuest initiatives in their communities between now and 2017.

Many events are planned during the next few years and people of all faiths are invited to participate in one or many of the streams incorporated into PeaceQuest. The streams include: Culture – artists and others; Education – selecting best practice teaching resources on peace; Faith – including all faith groups in projects such as peace pilgrimages and vigils; Policy – highlighting current issues and policies of Government; Research – documentation of issues and articles about war and its effects.

You are invited to visit their website for further information from here